How to Use Pressure Cooker - Learn from the Experts

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How to Use Pressure Cooker – Learn from the Experts

If you are new to cooking and wants to cook something using a pressure cooker then getting to know how to use pressure cooker is a must. An electric pressure cooker is an extremely imperative cooking gadget that you can't miss in your kitchen if you need to spare energy and time when cooking. Getting one is simple since you can essentially purchase one online from a few brands that are overall distinguished for durability and convenience. After obtaining your own particular electric pressure cooker, the first thing is to figure out how to utilize it. Knowing how to use pressure cooker will definitely give you more spare time and vitality when in the kitchen.


Below are tips that will guide you properly on how to use pressure cooker.

* Pressure cookers are made to smash the hardest of meats. However, you can also use pressure cooker to make soups, vegetable stews and different less testing dinners.

On the off chance that you are cooking a meal which needs a shorter cooking time, it’s best to refer in the cooker manual to avoid meal overcooking. This will apply generally to meals that need less hotness. Trust me, you won’t like to see your meal getting overcooked by a pressure cooker.

* If you are residing on an area which is above sea level, then you need to add something like ten to fifteen minutes more to your cooking time. This is to guarantee your meals are overall cooked. Water will take more of a chance to boil at higher elevation, therefore anticipate that your cooking time will take more time than regular.

* Make sure you have already added all the seasonings before closing the pressure cooker cover. This is to give the seasoning enough time to mix into the meat and vegetables. Actually, the constant pressure and heat makes the meat soft wherein it will absorb the salt and other seasoning that improves the taste.

* Check the accurate water level needed for the pressure cooker to avoid overflow. Generally, dishes cooked in pressure cooker normally needs 2-3 cups of water. In case you have overfilled the cooker with water, chances are that it will overflow into the lid of the pressure cooker which would be untidy.

* After you have finished cooking and you have even washed the internal of cooking pot, make sure to leave it open so that it can evaporate and dissipate excess odor and smell.

This is to ensure that the cooking pot is neutral for the next meal preparation. It will be weird to have a beef steak with a taste of chicken curry from the last week’s meal.

* When you are slicing vegetables and meat, aim for an equal size. Not just on appealing issue; it is proven that equally size pieces tend to cook more in a pressurized atmosphere.


The reason behind this is very simple:

At a point when pressure and high temperature collide together, these two essentials will reach the surface of the parts. Larger pieces take more time to cook, and may remain undercook if all other ingredients are cut into much smaller pieces. You don't want your vegetables to be over cooked by a pressure cooker.

Now, I’m sure you have learned some insight on "How to Use Pressure Cooker”. Enjoy cooking!

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How to Use Pressure Cooker - Learn from the Experts

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How to Use Pressure Cooker - Learn from the Experts

This article was published on 2014/05/03