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For those who would like to keep their food for some time, canning can be the answer to the problem of food spoiling fast. Having able to put enough pressure and heat to destroy the bacteria during the canning process, it is a better option than water baths canner that is unable to contribute enough heat to destroy all the bacteria. However, there are so many options of canners; hence, here is a guide to getting your own canner.


First of all, do not be confused between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner, so that you can use the feature of a canner that you cannot get with a cooker. As compared to canners, cookers can cause the jars to explode and clog the valves if attempted to use for canning.


Next, decide on whether you want your canner to have a manual steam gauge, or an automatic pressure regulator. The steam gauge is the conventional one, where you will need to keep a lookout on the pressure to ensure the pressure is at the correct levels. On the other hand, the automatic one does not require as much work, where you can set the pressure, and the canner will regulate the pressure on its own by trapping and releasing the steam when necessary.


You will also need to decide on whether you want to use the canner as a pressure cooker as well. As compared to aluminum ones, stainless steel pressure canners are heavier and more expensive. However, they do not stain nor oxidize if they come in contact with acidic food as compared to aluminums. This oxidization can cause the food to taste strangely. Thus, if you want to use the canner as a cooker, the stainless steel pressure canner will be a better choice.


And there is the gasket, which keeps the contents from leaking. Although there are two types, the metal to metal type, and the gasket seal, you may need to change either gasket yearly, depending on your usage.


Lastly, check to see if your canner has safety features, such as emergency releases to prevent an explosion from occurring. Nevertheless, check out what other features there are available and you can call customer service or check their Website for further clarifications.


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Choosing a Pressure Canner

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This article was published on 2010/09/10